VW Car Radio Codes

Written by mark slingo | 13/05/2017
VW Car Radio Codes
Codes are a common antitheft device on factory-issue radios. (auto image by stef from Fotolia.com)

Volkswagen car radios come pre-installed with an antitheft deterrent. An unlock code must be entered by the owner if the radio becomes disconnected from the wiring or if the car's battery is disconnected or flat.

Check the Vehicle Paperwork

The original vehicle paperwork should contain the four digit radio code on a credit-card sized document. Check to see if you can find this document. Enter the code in the radio after you switch it on.

Volkswagen Dealer

If you cannot locate the code, then contact your local Volkswagen dealer. Give the dealer the vehicle identification number/ radio type and serial number and your own identification details as proof of ownership. The dealer will enter these details in their database to find the code. Enter the code in the switched-on radio.


The unlock code for the VW radio can also be obtained online for a fee. Visit a radio unlocking site on the Internet. Provide the radio make and model, the serial number and pay the specified fee. The code will be e-mailed to your specified account.

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