PT Cruiser Clutch Problems

Updated July 19, 2017

The Chrysler PT Cruiser was introduced in 2000. It is a retro-styled vehicle available as both a five-door hatchback and a two-door convertible. reports that the PT Cruiser is fun to drive and handles quite well. Additionally, the hatchback model provides ample passenger and cargo room.


About Automobile, which is a database for driver complaints, Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) and recalls, reports that clutch problems are common on multiple PT Cruiser models. The primary problem is the clutch's failure to disengage once pressed down. This is usually the result of improper hydraulic pressure.


In 2003, Chrysler issued a recall on defective 2003 PT Cruiser clutch assemblies. The defective clutch assembly may result in the clutch failing to disengage when pressed down. If you have not received a recall notice, you can contact your Chrysler dealer to see if your vehicle is on the recall list.


If you are not eligible for free recall repair, there are several options. You may want to add hydraulic fluid to the clutch before seeking any major clutch repair. If hydraulic fluid does not stop the sticking, then clutch assembly repair is necessary. TSBs also state that Powertain Control Module (PCM) computer updates are available at your dealer, which may solve some problems on vehicles with a manual transmission.

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