Saab Ignition Problems

Written by andrea stein | 13/05/2017
Saab Ignition Problems
Saab ignition problems can lead to lack of engine function. (automobile 2 image by thierry planche from

Saab automobiles, currently manufactured by Spyker Cars, rely on an ignition system consisting of a distributor, ignition coil, rotor and spark plugs. Damaged or defective components in the Saab ignition system often lead to engine problems.

Bad Ignition Switch

The ignition switch refers to a switch in the Saab's starter control system that activates the main electrical systems in the car. A defective, burnt out or worn ignition switch may fail to open and deliver current to the starter solenoid. Replacing the ignition switch typically corrects the problem.

Bad Starter Solenoid

Saab ignition systems contain a starter solenoid, a coil designed to produce a magnetic field that sends power to the starter relay. Starter solenoids can burn out due to overcurrent, necessitating replacing of the starter to restore ignition system function.

Dead Battery

The ignition switch connects via a wire to the battery, which sends current to the solenoid. If the battery lacks sufficient charge, the solenoid will not operate. Check the battery for a low charge, or no charge, and charge the battery or replace it as needed.

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