Oil of oregano as a mosquito repellent

Updated November 21, 2016

Repelling mosquitoes does not have to mean using harsh chemicals on your skin or your belongings. You can use a natural mosquito repellent, like oil of oregano, instead.


Oil of oregano contains a compound called carvacrol, which acts to repel insects. Carvacrol is found in other natural insect repellents that are effective against mosquitoes, including mint and thyme. You can purchase oil of oregano at health food stores or create your own by pouring a pint of boiling water over a cup of chopped fresh oregano and letting the mixture sit for several hours.


Place a few drops of oil of oregano on outdoor furniture to keep mosquitoes away when you are outside. Strain the homemade oregano mixture into a spray bottle and spritz down pets to protect them from mosquitoes. Add a few drops of oil of oregano to soaps and shampoos to add mosquito repellent to your normal bathing routine during the worst of mosquito season.


If you do not like the scent of oregano, then using oil of oregano as a mosquito repellent will not be pleasant. The oil concentrates the odour and make it more potent than found in the plant. You might be better off using a different natural repellent, like citrus or rose geranium oil.

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