Denon DP 37F Information

Written by diana david | 13/05/2017

The Denon DP-37F is a fully automatic, direct-drive turntable manufactured by Denon in 1985 and 1986. It is a tabletop model capable of playing one record at a time. It is not a record changer with the ability to load and play multiple records.


The Denon DP-37F turntable has a contactless servo tone arm controlled by a microprocessor. The tone arm is dynamically balanced and fully automatic. It also has a servo-controlled, direct-drive system with a linear drive motor.

Automatic Controls

The repeat button automatically replays a record. The arm lifter button automatically raises and lowers the tone arm to prevent the need to place the needle on the record manually. The start button automatically moves the tone arm from the armrest to the record to begin playing. When the record is complete, the tone arm automatically lifts and returns to the armrest.


The counterweight knob on the back of the tone arm adjusts the balance of the tone arm to prevent skidding. The track force and q-damping knobs adjust the cartridge force and damping for optimal tracking and skid control. The speed selector and record size selector allow playing either 33rpm or 45rpm records.

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