How to compare mini sandblasters

Written by bret mavrich | 13/05/2017
How to compare mini sandblasters
A skilled artisan with the right mini sandblaster can produce striking results. (laser etched virgo in the glass image by Igor from

For many hobby enthusiasts and weekend warriors, sandblasting is an essential step in many household projects. Whether restoring jewellery, stripping paint off furniture or etching a design into wood or glass, a mini sandblaster will do the trick.

Price Range

A big advantage mini sandblasters have over larger models is price. Smaller, more expendable kits cost about £26, while a more substantial model may cost as much as £91. Since some units operate off an air compressor, if you do not have an air compressor, you will have to factor that into the cost of purchasing a mini sandblaster.


Mini sandblasters come in a wide array of models and designs. Some units are powered by a simple aerosol can. These will not last long but for small projects might be exactly what you're looking for. Other models can be attached to an airbrush hose with a specially designed coupler (usually not included in the kit). Some models also limit the size of the abrasive grit that may be used with the unit and so would be inadequate for more extensive projects. Mini sandblasters also wear out from usage over time; some come with tips made from speciality metals to resist wear and tear. Since some companies that make mini sandblasters also make airbrush painting kits, carefully read the packaging to ensure you are not buying the wrong kit. Often, paint brushing kits are not interchangeable with mini sandblasting kits.


Since mini sandblasters are used for a wide array of projects, make sure the mini sandblaster you select will work for your project. Some are able to spray in a fan pattern (for projects like paint removal) of varying widths, while others release a focused stream (for projects like glass etching) or circle patterns of varying widths. If you plan to use your mini sandblaster for a few different projects, make sure you select one that is versatile.

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