Can fein multimaster cut ceramic tile?

Updated April 17, 2017

The Fein MultiMaster is a handheld multipurpose power tool whose wide range makes many household projects simple. Operators use it in projects involving ceramic tile, including removing tiles and sanding surfaces prior to tiling.

Ceramic Tile

Laying or replacing ceramic tile can be challenging, as it requires a number of steps, including ensuring that the tiling surface is flat and all of the tiles are cut to fit. Ceramic tile is very hard, which makes cutting it a challenge.

Fein MultiMaster

A Fein MultiMaster's small household tasks and projects include cutting and it can cut both pipes and drywall by using different attachments.

Fein MultiMaster & Ceramic Tile

A Fein Multimaster cuts ceramic tile with it's universal E-CUT saw blade but it is more designed to remove grout or to sand surfaces to make replacing broken tile simple. These projects require special blades for the tool.

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