My Electric Blanket Is Not Heating

Written by daniella lauren | 13/05/2017

Rather than crawling into a bed with cold sheets at night, you can add an electric blanket to your bedding to help keep you warm and cosy. The American Blanket Institute estimates that at least 25 million Americans use electric blankets every year.


Manufacturers note that the blanket itself may not feel warm to the touch, since it is not a heating pad. Test the blanket by turning the power on and gently folding the blanket over a few times. After a few minutes, place your hands between the folds and you should feel some warmth.


Check all the connections on the electric blanket. Remember, the cord that plugs into the wall connects at the foot of the blanket, and there is another connection near the controller at the head of the bed. If after checking the connections and there is still no power or heat, check the circuit breaker.

Automatic Shut Off

Most electric blankets feature an automatic shut-off, which turns the device off about 10 hours after initial activation; throw-style blankets normally turn off after about three hours. The automatic shut off mechanism helps to conserve energy and limit the incident of fire. Re-activate the blanket by turning it on and cycling through the heat settings.


Launder your electric blanket following manufacturer's instructions. Most manufacturers suggest handwashing the blanket for best care.

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