What is pure networks platform service?

Written by andrew tennyson | 13/05/2017
What is pure networks platform service?
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The Pure Networks Platform Service is network utility software bundled with various Cisco home networking products. Often it will be included with wireless routers sold my manufacturers like DLink.


Pure Networks Platform Service was designed to help individuals set up wireless networks or to access the Internet wirelessly. The primary purpose of home-based computer-to-computer network management facilitated by Pure Networks is the sharing of printers and other peripheral devices like scanners and copiers.


The Pure Netoworks Platform Service is not a standalone product. Since its introduction it has been bundled with third-party products like AOL Network Magic and Ulead Video Suite SE DVD. It has also been bundled with a number of Cisco's own products including Network Magic Pro, Network Magic Essentials, Network Magic Mac and Network Magic Basic.


The Pure Networks Platform Service has been notorious for causing conflicts on some Windows computers. It is an automatically launching service that can be manually disabled or uninstalled. Both Microsoft and Cisco offer instructions on their respective websites on how to install some or all of the elements of the Pure Networks Platform Service.

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