Great Plants for Large Pots

Updated July 19, 2017

Using large containers in the garden is a versatile way to grow a variety of plants. Large containers provide ample space for optimal growth of bigger plants or a creative mix of different plant types.

Flowering Plants

Annuals and perennials both are suitable for large containers. Impatiens, geraniums and salvia are popular container annuals. Perennial bulbs, such as lilies, dahlias and begonias, thrive in containers.


Small trees are suitable for large containers. Olive, sweet bay and citrus trees do well in containers that provide adequate moisture and drainage. The trees should be placed in a sunny location.


Spice bush, azaleas and cotoneasters are hardy shrubs especially suited to growing in large containers. Camellias, hydrangeas and gardenias are tender varieties that also do well.


Large containers lend themselves well to growing vegetables. Tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, lettuce and peppers all thrive in container gardens as long as the pots allow for sufficient root growth.

Mixed Containers

Large containers make beautiful settings for different plant arrangements. Flowering plants can be combined with ornamental grasses or vines. Large containers also can house a kitchen garden with a variety of herbs arranged among smaller vegetables.

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