Advice on Wall Colors to Match Natural Red Oak Flooring

Written by tamiya king | 13/05/2017
Advice on Wall Colors to Match Natural Red Oak Flooring
Choosing the best wall colour to complement oak flooring is easier than you might think. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

If you've decided to include hardwood floors made of red oak in your home, painting the walls in a colour that will make the floor the visual centrepiece of the area is ideal. However, there are also many paint shades that will blend with the flooring to give the space a more uniform appeal.


The purpose the room serves in the home can help you choose the paint colour for the walls. For instance, if you've placed red oak flooring in your child's bedroom, an appealing colour like cherry red or kelly green will bring attention to the floors and give the room an energetic or harmonious feel.


The wall colour in a small room with red oak flooring should be lighter than the colour of the floor to make the room appear a little more spacious. For instance, a light shade of brown or yellow works well in a powder room or home office. A larger room can take on a bolder wall paint hue; burnt oranges or dark blues will attractively complement a living room or bedroom.


Red oak flooring is available in a number of shades, so surrounding wall paint should either contrast with or blend with the flooring depending on your design preference. For instance, if you've chosen light red oak floors and a monochromatic design scheme, a chestnut brown will adorn the walls nicely; for dark oak flooring, walls in a burgundy or cobalt blue will add a burst of colour that makes the room especially welcoming.

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