How Much Oil to Put Into the Motor of My Pit Bike

Written by les belzer | 13/05/2017
How Much Oil to Put Into the Motor of My Pit Bike
Pit bikes in 2011 are also popular outside of the pits. (mini moto image by jerome scalvini from

Pit bikes were originally just what their name implies: a small bike or motorbike to get around in the pits of a motorcycle race. Their small size made them the perfect transportation around the crowded pits. Today there are even races for these mini bikes.

History of the Pit Bike

The original pit bike in the early 1950s was actually just a small bicycle. By the early 1960s the Japanese manufacturers were producing small 50-cc mini bikes that were great for getting around the pits at motor-cross races. Since then the bikes have become more sophisticated but still remain small. The maximum size engine today is 125cc.

The Pit Bike Today

Pit bikes are not only used in the pits in 2011, but also have become popular enough that there are actually races for these mini hogs. Even though you look like an overstuffed doll when you come up to the starting line, the small size of the pit bike offers you a challenging ride with only a short fall if you come off your bike.

Pit Bike Care

Like all pieces of machinery, the pit bike requires competent maintenance if you expect it to run strongly and last for a long time. You should always keep the oil at a correct level. Each bike has slightly different requirements for how much oil it requires. In general a 100-cc, 4-stroke engine requires 1 qt. of oil.

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