What Is the Average Cost to Build a Shed?

Updated April 17, 2017

Sheds are a necessary outdoor structure for homeowners with a need to store yard and garden accessories. The cost of building a shed will depend on its size, function and materials.


The function of your shed will greatly affect its cost. For example, a small storage shed that holds basic gardening tools will cost significantly less than a large shed used to store expensive yard care equipment such as lawnmowers or snowblowers.


The more features you want for your shed, the more it will cost to build. For instance, if you want your shed customised to look like a replica of your home, you may end up spending more than £14,625, according to


The materials needed to build your shed are a major influence of cost. For example, a metal prefabricated shed starts at £364, while a plastic shed kit costs as low as £65, according to

Sheds that come prefabricated or do-it-yourself will cost significantly less than completely customised sheds.

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