Identification of Campanula

Updated February 21, 2017

Campanula is a plant genus that includes hundreds of species of annual, biennial and perennial flowers. Most Campanula species are commonly known as bellflowers. You can identify the Campanula or bellflower by its leaf, flower and growth characteristics.


The Campanula genus includes approximately 300 different species, but only a few of these species are common in landscapes. Among these species are Campanula medium or Canterbury bells, C. carpatica or Carpathian harebell, C. cochlearifolia or dwarf bellflower, C. rotundifolia or Scotch bluebell, and C. rapuncluloides or creeping bellflower.


Campanulas typically range in height from 8 inches to 3 feet and bloom during late spring through midsummer or longer. The flowers are bell- or star-shaped and vary in colour from white to purple to blue.


You can identify the exact Campanula species by its growth form and flower colour. For example, Canterbury Bells is easily identifiable by its uniquely rose-coloured flowers, while the dwarf bellflower is easy to spot by its low-growing habit -- reaching just 3 inches in height and about 15 inches in spread.

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