Alstroemeria Propagation

Updated February 21, 2017

The Alstroemeria genus of flowers, also known as parrot lily and Peruvian lily, produces tall stalks with clusters of brightly coloured flowers. Propagating these flowers takes time and effort.

From Seeds

Soak Alstroemeria seeds in water for 12 hours before you plant them in a tray with exposure to indirect light. Keep them constantly moist. Alstroemeria seeds germinate slowly, and the chance of success is not high; only about 20 per cent of seeds sowed tend to sprout and grow, according to Floridata.

After the plants have sprouted, give them between 4 and 6 weeks before you transplant them outdoors.


Plant seedlings carefully, as the roots are fragile. It is possible to kill the plants with too much rough handling, according to Floridata. Plant seedlings about 20 inches apart, and divide the plants the next spring to make sure that they have enough room to grow.


Despite the unreliability of purposeful seeding, Floridata cautions to cut off or deadhead flowers after blooming and avoid moving around tubers in the soil to help control the flower's vigorous self-seeding, potentially invasive nature.

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