What is the standard height of bathroom cabinets?

Updated February 21, 2017

Bathroom cabinets used to be available in only one height, which was based on the average height of the adult consumers who would be using them. Because, however, the general population has become taller with each generation, several heights are now available.

Changing Standards

Pre-made bathroom cabinets used to be sold in only 29- and 30-inch heights. Some manufacturers now make them in heights up to 35 inches. In both cases, the counter top usually adds 1 to 2 inches to the overall height. Custom-made cabinets can be any height.

Choosing Heights

If the bathroom being constructed will likely be used by one family for many years, the height of the cabinets can safely be determined based on the family's specific needs. If, however, the home will likely change hands and have occupants of various statures, extremely high or low cabinets could affect marketability.


If space permits, bathroom cabinets of different heights can be installed side-by-side to accommodate people of varying heights. These installations are typically custom designs, although a few cabinet manufacturers offer prefabricated multilevel cabinet styles.

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