Where Is the Starter Located on a Honda Civic?

Updated April 09, 2017

The battery on your Honda Civic sends a charge to the starter motor. The starter motor cranks and sends a charge through a thick ignition wire to the distributor, which then fires the spark plugs and starts the car.

Locate the Battery

Open the bonnet and stand in front of the vehicle. There will be a large exposed battery sitting high in the engine compartment. Two terminals will be feeding out of the battery; one is red and one is black. Pinch the black terminal wire with your fingers.

Follow the Negative Terminal Wire

The thick black wire runs underneath the engine. Its first stop is the starter motor. This may require a flashlight and car jacks. Lifting the front end of the vehicle will give you access to the underside of the engine where the starter motor is located.

Identify the Starter Motor

The starter motor is connected directly to the negative battery terminal wire. It is a thick cylinder approximately 6 inches long. It is attached to the flywheel and cranks the engine with a charge from the battery.

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