How Do I View My Security DVR From My Computer?

Updated April 17, 2017

Automation has increased the effectiveness of security systems management. Tapes and disks can be produced to spot security issues and be used for training purposes. DVRs can be created to be viewed on a network or standalone computer.


The function of a security system is to provide remote surveillance and record video or images of security zones to protect against intrusion. Older systems record incidents by using videotapes. New systems record surveillance directly to a hard drive or disk device and include tools to fine tune surveillance images through a computer interface.


Security systems consist of a large hard drive and a DVD-ROM for the downloading of video to disk. Other features include export functions so that DVRs can be viewed on a standalone computer. Export choices can be selected from a menu to determine which codec or format is to be used to download the file to a DVR disc.

Expert Insight

To view a security DVD on a computer, ensure that the main security system has the right codec for the computer to play the video. A codec is a classification of the type of audio or video file needed to hear sound or view images. For example, the file extension ".mov" is a QuickTime codec.

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