Does tex-cote paint increase home value?

Written by vern hee | 13/05/2017
Does tex-cote paint increase home value?
A fresh coat of paint adds protection against sun and water damage. (house painting image by Greg Pickens from

Tex-Cote paint has properties that make it stronger than ordinary paint. It graces government buildings and many bridges and other high-valued structures. It originated because Tex-Cote developed paint for the government that could be applied to outdoor structures and required fewer applications over time.

Tex-Cote Paint

Tex-Cote has properties that make it 10 times thicker than normal house paint. It protects a multitude of surfaces, including wood, stucco, brick, hardi-plank and metal siding. Tex-Cote claims to last for 40 years and has a lifetime warranty. The paint has a guarantee not to chip, flake, peel, fade or chalk, and resists fire and mildew.

Home Value

Basic painting, according to painting contractors and Realtors, adds value by protecting surfaces against UV rays, mildew and water damage. Tex-Cote protects against all of these and therefore will add value to the house. In addition, as of January 2011, Tex-Cote claims an added value of 21.9 per cent in energy savings toward cooling costs.


The problem with Tex-Coat lies in the cost, not the product. Tex-Cote paint jobs range between £13,000 and £19,500 per house, whereas average houses cost £1,300 to £2,600 to paint. Despite the value of only having to paint every 40 years, consumers question the sanity of purchasing such a high-priced paint job.

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