Home Remedy for Whiteflies in the Garden

Updated February 21, 2017

Home gardens provide hours of relaxation and enjoyment, unless garden pests have invaded them. Some pests, such as the whitefly, can be dealt with using home remedies. These are far safer than chemically created pesticides, which can damage the environment.


Before creating any home remedy for whiteflies, the home gardener should first confirm a whitefly problem. The eggs of whiteflies are first seen as white dots located on the undersides of the leaves. Whiteflies are strongly attracted to hibiscus plants and can kill them within weeks.


Several home remedies exist to rid the garden of whiteflies. Cayenne pepper, Tabasco, jalapeƱo juice and garlic extract can all be diluted with water and sprayed onto plants to keep whiteflies away. Rubbing alcohol, 1/2 teaspoon of soap and water can also create a natural whitefly repellent.


One of the best ways to prevent future whitefly outbreaks is to remove any infected plant from your garden. Use a small, hand-held vacuum cleaner to suck up existing whiteflies from plants to control their numbers. Never use pesticides that can kill the whiteflies' natural enemies. Natural enemies include the minute pirate bug and the lady beetle. These natural enemies, if kept alive, can reduce the number of whiteflies in a garden.

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