What type of soldering iron is used for soldering jewelry?

Updated April 17, 2017

A soldering iron will work only for certain types of jewellery making. There are a wide variety of soldering irons, soldering iron tips, and supplies available for making stained glass jewellery, tin jewellery, and other kinds of jewellery out of metals and glass that do not require such extreme heat temperatures as silver or gold jewellery do.


The type of jewellery being made is important to consider when determining the kind of soldering iron to purchase. Soldering irons and soldering iron kits for jewellery making are available through various jewellery supply stores. Whether or not jewellery making is a profession or simply a hobby is another thing to consider.


Soldering irons vary according to heat output and electrical charge. Types include cordless soldering irons and soldering irons with a variety of tips, holders, and safety features. Some soldering irons are sold in kits for jewellery making and come with special solders and jewellery supplies. For about £32, as of 2011, a good soldering iron to make low-heat jewellery and craft items can be purchased.


Soldering irons are used to fuse metal to metal, and sometimes to fuse glass. Soldering irons are functional for use only with metals that require very low-temperature soldering. Some types of metal foils, tin, and aluminium can be soldered with soldering irons. Making sterling silver, gold, copper, brass, and mixed metals jewellery requires the use of torches, not soldering irons.


Read and research jewellery-making techniques before purchasing any kind of jewellery equipment or tools. Jewellery making can involve huge investments in a variety of tools, equipment, and supplies. Soldering can be dangerous and requires a variety of skills. There are different kinds of solder welds that each piece of jewellery may require. Basic soldering iron jewellery kits are often inexpensive, and have instructions and starter projects included with them.


Use safety precautions when making jewellery with soldering irons. Soldering irons generate high heat temperatures without a visible flame. Don't forget to unplug and turn off soldering irons after each use.

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