How much should a new deck cost?

Written by amanda williams | 13/05/2017
How much should a new deck cost?
The cost of a new deck will depend on several factors. (Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images)

Decks provide an outdoor space to spend time with friends and loved ones. If you're interested in building a new deck, you need to consider factors such as materials, labour costs and deck size.


Decks come in several types, from pressure-treated wood to plastic-wood composite. The type of material will certainly affect your deck's cost. As of January 2011, a cedar deck will cost £11 to £14 per square foot, while a vinyl deck will cost £8 to £14 per square foot, according to


The more materials needed and the more complex of a project design you desire, the more the project will cost, especially if you're hiring a contractor. For example, a multilevel deck with stairs might cost upward of £16,250 if built by a contractor. A small, do-it-yourself project will usually cost less than £650, as of January 2011.

You may be required to pay for a building permit. Check with your contractor to see if their fees cover this cost.


Depending on the type of deck material you choose, you will have to maintain it every few years to preserve its condition. This might be as simple as power-washing your deck, or having someone come to sand and stain the deck for you.

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