The Function of the Avaya IPSI Card

Updated July 20, 2017

The Avaya Internet protocol (IP) server interface card is an electrical component used to command communication between an Avaya G650 media gateway and a service port. The Avaya Internet protocol server interface(IPSI) card communicates using the 10/100 BaseT command interface.


The Avaya IPSI card transfers network control signals directly between a master server and a port over a local area network (LAN) or wireless area network (WAN). The Avaya IPSI card directly controls the network service ports.


The Avaya IPSI card is designed for use with the Avaya G650 media gateway. The cards are stored in the tone clock slot in the G650 media gateway. IPSI cards can connect to the server and attach to a laptop through a network service port. The card can be used for PN clock generation and synchronisation, PN tone generation, PN tone detection, global call classification, international protocols, and the processing of product serial numbers for license file activation.


The Avaya IPSI card can provide environmental maintenance for the Avaya G650 media gateway. Environmental functions performed by the card include: power supply, cabinet and ring generator maintenance, external device alarm detection, emergency transfer control and customer-generated device control.

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