The Advantages of Timber Formwork

Written by andrea stein | 13/05/2017
The Advantages of Timber Formwork
Timber formwork offers advantages over other formwork moulds. (Timber image by Wozzap from

Formwork refers to either temporary or permanent moulds which hold materials like concrete. Timber formwork takes the form of a structure of boards surrounding an open cavity, and offers several advantages over other formwork types.


Timber formworks can be constructed at a lower initial cost than steel due to higher availability and cheaper production costs. The cost of timber varies depending on the quality and treatment of the wood.


People new to building formworks typically choose timber because it requires no special tools nor a high level of construction experience. It is also easier to handle due to its light weight.


An aesthetically pleasing architectural effect can often be achieved using a timber formwork. Painted timber formwork not only adds colour and a finished look, but oil or epoxy treatments can double the number of times the formwork may be reused.

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