What Kind of Clothes Should I Wear After Getting a Tattoo?

Written by ilana waters | 13/05/2017
What Kind of Clothes Should I Wear After Getting a Tattoo?
After getting a tattoo, use care in your choice of clothing. (tattoo woman image by ennavanduinen from Fotolia.com)

Getting your first tattoo can be exciting, but afterwards you have to find appropriate clothing to go with the tattoo. Or perhaps you are inked all over, but you are still wondering which garments work in the different situations you encounter.


You will need to wear different types of clothing for the variety of situations you face, whether personal, business or social. For instance, with your closest friends and tattoo-loving acquaintances, you can show off your ink by wearing revealing clothing, such as short shorts or tank tops. Meeting parents or tattoo-unfriendly types may necessitate your wearing more concealing clothes, such as turtlenecks and long trousers.


Typical work situations mean hiding your tattoos. Options include long-sleeved button-down shirts and trousers, or black pantyhose or tights if you are a woman with tats on her legs. Check company policy and culture before revealing your tattoos as some workplaces are more conservative, while others have a more open approach.


Just after getting a tattoo, do not wear tight, non-breathable fabrics such as spandex or nylon. Wearing lightweight cotton or linen will help your skin heal as it gets used to its new decoration.

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