Origami Flowers for Beginners

Updated February 21, 2017

Origami flowers are simple to make; even kids can learn to fold flowers quickly. Fold a pretty paper bouquet, fill a basket with paper blooms or glue three-dimensional flowers to construction paper for an easy toddler or kindergarten project.


Any kind of paper can be used for simple origami projects. The best type of paper to use is special origami paper, but copy, printer, notebook, tissue or even construction paper can be used for simple projects without intricate folds.


Beginners and kids should stick to simple patterns without too much petal or stamen detail. Basic flowers are really more a non-realistic representation rather than a model of an actual species of flower. Simple roses, sunflowers and tulips are great starters; once you have learnt basic techniques you can move on to more complicated patterns.


Always follow folding instructions exactly. Take some time to learn basic origami folds (see Resources) so that you are armed with knowledge before beginning. Flatten creases with a fingernail to form sharper edges.

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