Tree Leaf Identification for Kids

Updated February 21, 2017

You can learn how to identify the tree leaves in your neighbourhood. Trees have been an important part of our environment for 370 million years. Leaves are a critical part of the "biological machine" that is a tree.

Leaf Shape

Recognising leaf shapes is an important part of leaf identification. Oak leaves have large round serrations. Oak leaves are nearly oval and sharply serrated. Maple leaves have three to five serrated lobes. Pine tree leaves look like needles.


The bark on the tree your leaf came from can sometimes give you a clue about what kind of leaf it is. Birch trees usually have bark that is as white as paper. Sycamore trees have bark that looks like it is hanging off the tree in long strips. Beech trees have very smooth bark.

Things Growing Near the Leaves

Many trees grow things that can help you identify their leaves. Fruit tree leaves are easy to tell when their trees are fruiting. Oaks produce acorns.

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