Mother of Pearl Gifts for Men

Written by valerie tandoi | 13/05/2017
Mother of Pearl Gifts for Men
Shells are used to make mother of pearl accessories. (Schneckenhaus image by Sunnydays from

Mother of pearl is a layer of material created by mollusc shells. Oyster shells and conch shells are common types of shells that produce mother of pearl. Mother of pearl jewellery and accessories are popular among women, but artisans make many men's gifts from mother of pearl.

Cuff links

Due to its iridescent nature, you can use mother of pearl to make handsome and stylish cuff links. Mother of pearl cuff links can dress up any tuxedo or suit and are appropriate for both business functions and nights out on the town.

30th Wedding Anniversary

The 30th wedding anniversary is considered the year of the pearl. While women often receive pearl earrings or necklaces from their husbands as a 30th wedding anniversary gift, finding men's gifts made of pearl can be a little more difficult. Mother of pearl items make a striking alternative. Appropriate ideas include mother of pearl faced watches, mother of pearl picture frames and mother of pearl money clips.

Dining Room Items

Many fine dining items for special occasions have mother of pearl accents. Women are not the only ones who like to host a nice party. Some men would appreciate a household item as a gift. These items also make welcome gifts for a couple. Mother of pearl dining items can come in the form of trays, cheese plates and serving ware.


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