Amazon Lily Fast Facts

Updated February 21, 2017

The Amazon lily is a beautiful plant that grows both indoors and in greenhouses. The scientific name for the Amazon lily is Eucharis grandiflora. The Amazon lily belongs to the Amaryllidaceae family of plants.

The Basics

The Amazon lily has the ability to grow 24 inches tall. White flowers bloom on the Amazon lily during the summer. The flowers resemble daffodils and take 12 weeks to bloom in lower temperatures. The flowers have a sweet scent. Leaves reach 2 feet long.


The Amazon lily originated in South America, but has become a popular plant in the United States because it can be grown indoors. Amazon lilies require 50 per cent shade during the growing process and ideally should be planted in the spring.


Those who own and wish to maintain an Amazon lily should water the soil with warm water. The soil should be kept evenly moist throughout. During the winter and dormant seasons, watering should be reduced.

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