Gifts for Prison Officers

Written by eric ervin | 13/05/2017
Gifts for Prison Officers
Purchase a prison officer a coffee mug they can use on breaks. (tea 8 image by chrisharvey from

Gifts for prison officers may not only help maintain order at correctional facilities, but also make their jobs more bearable. It takes special training to become a prison officer, as workers come in contact with criminals everyday. Keeping prisoners and other prison officials safe is one of the top priorities inside a prison.

Security Gifts

Prison officers must protect themselves at all times while at work. You may purchase the prison officer on your gift list a pair of handcuffs, for example, but first check with prison officials to see if officers are allowed to use personal equipment on the job. A new mobile phone, which can be used as a backup form of communication if their prison-issued two-way radio stops working, can serve as a security gift because it provides the prison officer with a way to contact others if trouble occurs.

Personal Gifts

For the prison officer who cannot leave the facility for lunch, purchase them a lunch bag and beverage container. You can also give them a coffee mug, bound to be used on overnight prison shifts. They can also use a coffee maker, toaster and other small kitchen appliances that can be stored in a break room. If the prison does not provide their officers with free uniforms, you can purchase uniforms for them through a local uniform supplier or at a uniform store. Complete the uniform by purchasing work boots, socks and a belt.

Gifts Offering Escape

While on break at work, prison officers can escape their environments by listening to music on personal listening devices. If they already have a personal listening device, you can purchase them accessories for it. For the prison officer who loves to read, purchase them a subscription to their favourite magazines or a book they can read while on break.

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