Specifications for a Honda F28C

Written by kent tukeli | 13/05/2017
Specifications for a Honda F28C
The Honda F28C tiller helps the soil breathe. (tilled field image by Niki from Fotolia.com)

Tilling the earth to allow topsoil to breathe can be an arduous chore, especially when the soil is compacted. The Honda F28C tiller features a motor that makes it easier to perform this task.

Dimensions and Weight

The Honda F28C tiller is 56.1 inches in length and 20.2 inches in width, and it stands 34.6 inches tall. The output shaft diameter is 0.75 inches, and the tiller weighs 38.1kg.


Honda F28C motors have a continuous-rated horsepower of 2 at 5,000rpm and a maximum of 3hp at 6,000rpm. The displacement of the engine is 4.09 cubic inches.

Engine Features

The Honda F28C derives its power from a one-cylinder, horizontal engine with a belt tension clutch and a centrifugal clutch. A forced air system cools the motor. The fuel tank holds 0.66 gallons, and the oil capacity measures 0.7 quarts.

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