Types of Shrubs That Rabbits Won't Eat

Updated November 21, 2016

In many areas of the United States, rabbits are found commonly in residential neighbourhood. These animals may appear cute and cuddly, but can cause major damage in the yard. One way to attempt to avoid rabbits turning the yard into a personal salad is to plant rabbit-resistant plants.

Choosing Rabbit-Resistant Shrubs

Certain shrubs with a strong aroma or sharp flavour generally are left alone by the grazing rabbits. Rabbits tend to shy away from herbaceous shrubs, such as sage, rosemary and lavender. Strongly scented evergreens, like juniper, also are avoided commonly by rabbits. Other ornamentals include boxwoods, red-twigged dogwood, butterfly bush and cotoneaster.


Planting shrub varieties of sage, rosemary and lavender provides homeowners with fresh herbs for cooking and fragrances for the home. Boxwoods, red-twigged dogwoods and butterfly bush feature ornamental properties. Boxwoods make an ideal hedge plant while red-twigged dogwood provide interesting bark. Butterfly bushes feature bright purple blooms that attract butterflies to the yard.


While these plants are rated high on the rabbit resistance scale, curious rabbits may dine upon anything in the garden, especially if favoured food sources are scarce. If rabbits are a frequent problem, consider spraying landscape plants with a rabbit repellent product.

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