What Is a Parallel Pin Punch?

Written by carlos mano | 13/05/2017
What Is a Parallel Pin Punch?
Parallel pin punches are a common hand tool used in the assembly of circuit boards. (audio pin image by Sergey Danilov from Fotolia.com)

Punches are hand tools that were originally designed to punch holes when struck by a hammer. They are also used to make a mark where some future action will take place or for removing pins, nails or rivets.


A punch is a straight tool that is meant to be struck with a hammer or mallet--like a chisel. It has a blunt end so it makes a hole of mark when struck. If it tapers to a smaller diameter, is called a tapered punch--these are used to concentrate the force of the hammer blow into a small space. If it is not tapered, is called a parallel punch.


A parallel punch is used to remove an object that has already been loosened by a tapered punch. Parallel punches are also used to mark a spot on wood or plastic thart will be drilled at some future time. Parallel punches usually come in sets of various sizes.


Pin punches are specifically designed to remove pins. A parallel pin punch is used to remove a pin that is loosened by a tapered pin punch or by some other means.

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