How Fast Do Fig Trees Grow?

Written by elton dunn | 13/05/2017

Fresh green or black figs grow best in areas with a Mediterranean climate, sustaining injury when temperatures fall to -1.11 degrees Celsius. Figs grow rapidly and can get quite large; these are not trees for small yards.

Mature Size

Fig trees typically reach a height of 10 to 30 feet, but they are capable of growing up to 50 feet tall. They tend toward a spreading, multiple-branched shape rather than an upright shape, notes California Rare Fruit Growers.

Growth Rate

Healthy fig trees should grow as much as 1 foot per year. If your fig trees makes 1 foot of growth in a year, don't fertilise the tree. If you receive less growth than that, fertilise to encourage optimal growth. Use nitrogen fertiliser if you need to give your tree a boost.


Fig trees need full sun to ripen the fruit, but too much sun may damage the bark. California Rare Fruit Growers recommends painting your tree trunk with white paint to protect it fron sun damage that can harm your tree.

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