Leather vs. Rubber Soles

Written by nancy lovering | 13/05/2017
Leather vs. Rubber Soles
Dress shoes come with leather or rubber soles. (casual and work shoes image by leafy from Fotolia.com)

Deciding which sole material you prefer can help narrow down the search for the shoes you want. Soles are available in leather and rubber, which provides the option to choose the shoe that is best for the situation.

Leather Soles

In business attire, leather-soled shoes convey professionalism and represent quality. They are more expensive, but the stitched-on soles can be replaced when worn out. Leather also provides comfort because it "breathes" and does not trap heat or moisture as do synthetic materials.

Rubber Soles

Rubber-soled shoes cost less than their leather counterparts. They tend to be water- and slip-resistant and are lighter than leather soles. Rubber soles are not as professional-looking, but they are well-suited for business-casual situations.

Choosing the Sole

Consider the use you will get out of your shoes when determining the purchase of leather or rubber soles. Lace-up shoes with leather soles are recommended for interviews and formal business occasions, while rubber-soled shoes are an excellent option for business-casual or casual attire.

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