How Do I Reduce Road Noise in a Tire?

Updated April 17, 2017

Road noise in a tire may not be a problem when driving on city streets at low speeds. However, it can become a major problem while driving on highways. Several things can be done to reduce noise in your tires.

Low noise tires

Some tire treads are noisier than others and vary based on the tire brand and tread design. This can become a problem when driving on highways as opposed to city driving due to the difference in the speed the vehicle will be travelling. Consider speaking to a qualified salesperson for more information.

Vibration dampening material

Vibration dampening material reduces cabin noise by absorbing ambient noise. Dampening material can be cut to size and applied to doors, around speakers and any other place within the cabin of the vehicle. The material comes in sheets and while you can install it, you can also have a professional install it as well.

High-tech approaches

Noise cancelling systems reduce road and engine noise by locating the relevant frequency range and generating sounds of an opposing frequency range. This technology is currently being used in vehicles overseas. This technology is similar to noise cancelling headphones.

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