History of the Massey 65 MK2 Tractor

Written by paul cartmell | 13/05/2017

The Massey Ferguson 65 Mark II agricultural tractor began production in 1960, replacing the initial version of the MF 65 that had been introduced in 1957 for the 1958 model year.


Massey Ferguson is a Canadian producer of farming and agricultural machinery created in the 19th century. Daniel Massey, a manufacturer of farming equipment, founded the company in 1847 in Newcastle, Ontario.


A total of 13,991 Massey Ferguson Mk II's were manufactured at the Massey Ferguson factory in Coventry, England between 1960 and 1962. The Mk II was equipped with a 56.8-horsepower engine to replace the Mk I's 50.5-horsepower engine.


In 1962, Massey Ferguson updated the Mk II, launching the Mk II Multi-Power, of which 15,687 were produced. In 1964, Massey Ferguson phased out production of the Mk II in favour of the Massey Ferguson 165 agricultural tractor.

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