The Specifications of a Remington R7 Diamond Series

Updated March 23, 2017

The Remington R7 Diamond Series shaver is a precision rotary shaver designed to provide close and safe shaves. R7 Diamond Series shavers are washable and come with two-year limited warranties.


The three floating heads that adjust to your face are designed for close and comfortable shaves. The R7 Diamond Series shavers' titanium-coated blades are durable and long lasting.


A Remington R7 Diamond Series shaver comes with a compact charging system and an LCD battery indicator. A timer indicates how many minutes remain on the current battery charge. An R7 is available either corded or cordless.

Safety Features

A comfort grip allows users greater control as they shave. The Teflon surface protector keeps blades from hurting skin during shaving. The pop-up trimmer allows for detail work so shavers avoid nicking skin in the hard-to-reach spots.

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