The Average Cost of a New Garage

Updated February 21, 2017

Building a garage can range in price from relatively affordable to very expensive. Planning is an essential component in building a garage and can help curb costs in the construction phase by alleviating the need for alterations mid-job.

Standard Garage

A basic garage capable of fitting one parked vehicle inside costs £22-45 per square foot to build as of November 2010. Most single-car garages are approximately 240 square feet or £5,460-$10,800 to complete the job.

Upgrading the Quality

For better quality materials, construction of a garage in November 2010 costs about £35 per square foot, the equivalent of £8,580 for the space to fit one car.

Additional Costs

Certain cities require permits be obtained prior to building your garage and prices will vary in each location. Building a garage in a difficult setting or hard-to-reach area can be another price factor. Also, if the site that you intend on building your garage requires excavation, laying slabs or pouring concrete prior to construction, the job will be more expensive.

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