The Role of a Crew Manager in the Fire Brigade

Updated April 17, 2017

A crew manager is a job role within the United Kingdom fire brigade. According to London-Fire's website, a crew manager is in charge of the crew of a fire appliance at many stations, and carries out day-to-day firefighting and fire safety work.

General Description

According to North Yorkshire Fire's website, a crew manager must inform and educate the community on safety. He must contribute to fire safety solutions to minimise risk to the public. A crew manager must take responsibility for effective performance, including supporting the development of individuals and teams in the fire service. A crew manager must lead and support people during operational incidents, and investigate and report on events to educate future practice.

Community Work

According to Connexions-Direct, specific roles of a crew manager include giving talks to the community on fire safety -- including children. A crew manager also has to inspect homes and businesses to make sure they meet safety requirements, as well as advise organisations such as hospitals and schools on fire safety.

Emergency Incidents

Connections-Direct's website also states that a crew manager will have to respond to emergency incidents by putting out fires and rescuing both people and animals. He may have to provide casualty care, attend life-threatening medical emergencies, rescue people amid disasters such as floods, deal with chemical spills, and respond to bomb alerts.

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