Weighted blanket guidelines

Updated May 23, 2018

Weighted blankets provide sensory input to the body through pressure. They are most commonly used for children with sensory processing disorders to improve concentration, calm hyperactivity and decrease certain "sensory seeking" behaviours such as spinning and arm flapping.

How to Use

Use a weighted blanket in a sitting or lying position. Lay the blanket across your lap or loosely wrap it around yourself. Weighted blankets can be used when awake or sleeping for any amount of time that is found to be helpful.


Use a blanket that is correctly sized and weighted. Injury or even death can occur if the blanket is too heavy. Choose a material that is easy to clean and care for.

How to Find

Weighted blankets are available from multiple vendors online. They can also be found in rehabilitation product catalogues. For assistance in choosing a weighted blanket, consult with an occupational therapist or other qualified medical professional.

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