The best color to paint a kitchen with light maple cabinets

Updated February 21, 2017

Light maple cabinets have a sunny hue of wood that keep the kitchen feeling like a bright and energetic place. To keep that tone present in the kitchen, you need a complementary paint colour that contributes to the feeling of warmth. The best colour depends on your personal preference and the exact feel you're trying to achieve.

Brighten the Room

Light green can function similarly to light yellow; these colours brighten and energise a room without making the room feel smaller. Yellow with light maple cabinets could easily look too monotonous, so green provides colour and contrast. Lime green is a classic example of this shade.

Add Warmth

Orange and red have the same energising effect as green, except they help bring out some of the warmer tones already present in the light maple cabinet. Such vivid colours help prevent the cabinets from looking too drab or washed out.

Accent Freshness

Shades of white, such as eggshell, antique white and glowing white, provide a clean, fresh atmosphere to any decor scheme, matching it seamlessly. White complements light maple cabinets effortlessly and is particularly suitable for antique or distressed cabinets or a country or rustic style of decor.

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