How High to Mount a Light on a Wall

Updated November 21, 2016

Wall lights are typically known as wall sconces. The proper height of wall sconces is a matter of purpose. The purpose of a light often depends on its location within the home.


Wall lighting in a bathroom may consist of sconces on either side of a mirror or a bar of lights above a mirror. Where to position a light above a mirror is easy, whereas placement on the sides of a mirror can be a bit more difficult. Standard eye level height for side lighting a mirror is 66 inches up from the floor. Place the centre of the wall sconce at this height.


No hard, fast rules exist for wall lighting height. In a kitchen, wall lighting will generally serve a particular purpose. Wall lights in a kitchen should be placed in accordance to the purpose for which they serve.


Wall lighting in a hallway should be 72 inches off the floor, staggered on either side of the hall and spaced 8 to 10 feet apart.


Most exterior lights are used to light the perimeter of the dwelling they are mounted on. Exterior wall lights should be placed a minimum of 72 inches up from the ground.

Other Uses

Some other uses for wall sconces may be to show off art work or other displays. In these cases, place wall lights where they best serve their purpose.

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