Speed Needle Tool for Rug Hooking

It takes a single rug making tool or a combination of tools to create a punch needle rug, also known as a needle punch rug. The tools involved in the manufacturing process of a punch needle rug can be the punch needle, the Oxford needle and/or the speed needle.

The Speed Needle

While a traditional punch needle resembles a small metal hook on a handle, a speed needle resembles an eggbeater. A speed needle is often referred to and sold as "speed hooks" even though it does not have a hook. The speed needle punches the yarn through the backing material, also known as monk's cloth, and allows the crafter to control the loops more accurately, saving time.

Electric Punch Needles

Many crafters call electric punch needles speed needles. Because the needles are electric, they allow the user to create a rug faster and easier than the non-electric versions.

The Tufting Tool

According to the Yarn Crafters website, the tufting tool is a speed needle that allows the crafter to create many perfect rug loops each minute. Crafters can easily control the size and spacing of the loops, creating better-looking rugs.

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