Why Does My Mouse Pointer Suddenly Disappear?

Updated April 17, 2017

A mouse pointer may disappear for several reasons, either as a function of a particular program or erroneously due to a software glitch or driver error. Correcting the issue may require a simple change in the system's settings or installing a new display driver.

Correct Operation

The mouse pointer may disappear as part of the correct operation of a program. Full-screen applications often hide the cursor after a certain period of inactivity or when specified by the user. Such functionality is common to video-playback software and games.


Windows operating systems include a setting for hiding the pointer while typing. To access and disable this option, Open the "Mouse" icon in the Control Panel and remove the check mark in the "Pointer Options" tab.

Erroneous Operation

If the mouse cursor disappears erroneously on a Windows system, try turning mouse trails on or off to relieve the problem. Choose the desired setting from the Mouse Properties window, in the "Visibility" section.

Driver Errors

If the system settings do not resolve the problem, the system's video driver may contain an error. Download the latest version of the drivers from the manufacturer's website and install them to address the problem.

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