Scooter starting problems

Updated April 17, 2017

After you ride your scooter for a while, engine problems may occur. Oftentimes, the root cause is something relatively easy to fix. Acquaint yourself with these common scooter starting problems and be prepared when faced with one.


Check to see that the scooter has a sufficient amount of fuel in the tank. If an appropriate amount of fuel is in the gas tank, it may have become stale. Stale fuel will have an odd odour and will cause a gummy substance to collect on the outside of the carburettor.

Flooded Engine

A scooter engine will flood when too much fuel enters the engine area. A sure sign the engine is flooded will be an inability to pop open the engine. If you can pop the engine, check to see that the choke is closed. Gas dripping from the air filter when the choke is closed indicates a flooded engine.

Remove the spark plug and try to start the engine. Cranking the engine without the plug evaporates the gas. Put the spark plug back and start the engine again.

Air Filter

A clogged air filter will cause the engine not to start properly. Replace the air filters on a regular basis. Air filters are a vital part of the scooter's engine. Always have one properly functioning, and never drive a scooter without an air filter installed.

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