The Average Dimensions for Master Suite Bathrooms

Updated July 19, 2017

The master suite bathroom has gone from acting as a simple toilet closet for the adults in a household to a hub of relaxation and luxury. The added purpose of luxury accommodates for more than needs.


Aside from the function of a conveniently located place for hygiene, the master suite is a personal spa and retreat. This room often contains a spa tub, large separate shower and a roomy vanity that usually includes his-and-her sinks. The ensuite bathroom is no longer just a place you need to spend time in, but a place you want to spend time in.


The general rule for the size of a master ensuite is calculated in relation to the size of the master bedroom. Usually master baths are approximately half the size of the bedroom. On average, the space measures 12-by-15 feet, which allows for luxury amenities. The size of the space also depends on what the homeowner plans to include in the bathroom. If a soaker tub and large, glass-encased shower are part of the plan, significant space is required.


A master suite bathrooms can cost anywhere between £6,500 and £32,500, depending on the size and features included. However; considered to be one of the best renovation investments you can make in a home, an updated, expanded master suite is one of the top selling features in homes.

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