Can I view text messages received on another cell phone?

Updated March 22, 2017

It is possible to view text messages that have been received on another phone, using phone cloning and firmware software, but it is a violation of the federal Electronics Communication Privacy Act. The ECPA protects cell phone users against illegal electronic, wire and oral communication interceptions.

Phone Cloning

One measure for intercepting text messages from another phone has been to utilise phone cloning. Phone cloning occurs when a person intercepts incoming messages by making a copy of the phone's SIM card. This is accomplished by using a SIM reader that can read your card's crypto key, making the SIM card transferable to another phone, reports the website ZDNet.


By uploading illegal firmware to a phone, a person is able to steal text messages. This process literally turns the phone into a radio and allows it to pick up all the messages broadcast on a given channel --- instead of limiting the phone to the messages addressed to that phone.

Children's Phones

Parents can legally utilise parental cellphone monitoring software that will enable them to intercept text and SMS messages as well as monitor all other phone and Internet activity their children might be engaged in on their phone. In addition, parents can also block their child from communicating with specific phone numbers, websites and applications, suggests the Cell Phone Monitoring website.

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