VGA Cable Problems

Written by laura ross
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VGA Cable Problems
VGA cable problems can disrupt the clear high definition picture that is expected on an HDTV. (connection cocnept - cables studio isolated image by dinostock from

VGA cables have been connecting personal computers to monitors for many years. A VGA cable can now be used to carry a crisp, clear high definition signal to your television. Problems with VGA cables result in a loss of connection between two electronic devices or in a lack of HD signal transfer to a television. VGA cables come in different lengths and configurations, but when problems with the cables do arise, general observations can be made to identify the potential problem.

Visual Inspection of VGA Cable

If any section of a VGA cable has been cut, severed or worn through, then it will likely cease to function. The whole cable can be inspected and checked visually for cuts and scores on the outside protective shield. If you think you have found a cut, you can bend the cable and see if the protective shield opens to expose the inside wires. If inside wires are exposed and appear damaged then you should replace the VGA cable.

Shorts in a VGA cable

A short within a VGA cable also can result in connection problems. A simple "push and pull" test on your VGA cable can help you determine if there a short. Holding one end of the cable, push and pull on the termination port at the end of the cable you are holding. If there is no play where the port connects to the cable then it is likely that there is not a short in your VGA cable.

VGA Cable Pins

VGA cable problems also can result if any of the pins inside of the two termination ports of the cable are bent or missing. Look inside the ports and verify that all of the 15 pins are straight and do not appear to be breaking off. If you notice that a pin is missing, this likely could be your problem. If your VGA cable has a female port at one end, verify that there are no broken pins left inside the port from the other devices that slide into the VGA termination port.

VGA Cable Problems
Missing or broken pins can result in a VGA cable connection problem. (vga image by MATTHIEU FABISIAK from

VGA cable screws

The screws that connect VGA cable ports to another electronic device must be secure to ensure proper functionality. If you are having VGA cable problems, check all of the screws on the VGA cable plugs and verify that they are in working order.

VGA Cable Replacement

If you find a problem with your VGA cable that cannot be repaired, then you will need to replace the cable. VGA cables can be purchased at a relatively low cost (approximately £13 depending on size). Most retail and electronics stores carry VGA cables of all lengths and configurations. VGA cables also can be purchased through various online vendors.

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