Private Military Company Training

Updated June 15, 2017

Private military companies (PMCs) are often made up of retired CIA officers, ex-military and special operations veterans. Training for these contractors can entail everything from police tactics to handling medical emergencies, with instruction available through many different organisations.

CRI Training

Crisis Response International (CRI) specialises in counter terrorism, and instructors cover everything from tactical shooting to professional driving. Its courses are tailored to specific training needs that can be done in any location and in any environment.

Blackwater Training

Blackwater USA, now known as Xe Services, is one of the world's leading private military companies and has specialised U.S. Training Centers in both North Carolina and California. Former military members make up the training cadre, with mobile force protection and tech support among the courses available upon request.

Sharp End Training

Sharp End International delivers security and protection training to those working for governments and private corporations. Sharp End teams have trained the Justice Protection Details for the U.S. Marshals Service in Baghdad and also provided counter terrorism training to police and military in Iraq.


PMCs have been in the news countless times for alleged misconduct overseas, thereby inflaming anti-American sentiment. Training and employment with any private military outfit should be approached with careful consideration, as security contractors face an elevated degree of danger in war zones.


According to PBS, money is a big motivator for those seeking work with private military companies. As of June 2005, guards for private security firms made between £260 and £390 per day. Those employed by Blackwater were paid up to £650 per day.

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